Hartsang Advokatfirma DA (formerly Seim-Haugen, Steenstrup & Co. Advokatfirma DA) was established in 1995 as a direct successor to Advokatfirma Engelschiøn & Co. DA and the Joint Chambers of lawyers Bøhn, Seim-Haugen, Hartsang and Roshauw.

The firm mainly represents small and medium-sized businesses, including subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies and organisations, insurance companies, banks, public institutions and both national and international private clients.

We believe that preventing disputes is just as important as resolving them when they arise. Consequently, we consider it important to work with our clients at the early planning stage of a project, before key decisions are taken. This applies equally to commercial projects and to private affairs.

We help to resolve disputes when they arise, including pre-trial work, negotiations and Court advocacy both nationally and internationally.

The firm handles all types of cases heard before any court of law in Norway. All of the lawyers at Advokatfirma Hartsang DA are members of the Norwegian Bar Association (DNA).